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A meeting is just the beginning...

As a marketing professional working in a high pressure environment, chances are you never have enough time in the day. Making sure your meetings are productive is essential, but what happens after a meeting is just as important.

Embrace back to back meetings

A heavy workload can make finding time to delegate tasks and keeping your team up to speed a challenge. With the ability to assign tasks as you capture meeting notes and share minutes at the click of a button, life becomes simple again.

Avoid dropping the ball

Working as a team means you're heavily reliant on those you work with - and many of them may not be as organised as you. Daily status emails and the ability to follow up on outstanding tasks with a single click saves you valuable time.

Get a bird's eye view

With all your notes in one place, the ability to see what's happening across clients and projects at a glance puts you in control of your work and helps you make sure nothing is missed. Get your team engaged and focused on delivering results.

It's time to change the way you meet, take notes and share updates.

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